Custom fields in Joomla 3.7 open up a huge host of new options to organize and display your content. It is an awesome new feature!

Combined with CW-autoarc, you can bring your site to life on a whole new level, by changing the appearence of your content over time:

Because obviously the plugin isn't really visible in the frontend, this demo consists simply of two categories called "News" and "Archive", containing some articles.

To test the plugin, just open the admin interface, go to Content->Articles and set an expiration date for some articles in the "News" category. You can also add your own categories and articles. Then go to Extensions->Plugins, open the cw-autoarc plugin and define some rules and see the magic happen in the frontend and in the backend.

Klick here to enter the admin interface. User: demo Password: demo

Use these articles, to test cw-autoarc. Setup the plugin to move items from the category "news" to the category "archive" and let the magic happen.

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