Custom fields in Joomla 3.7 open up a huge host of new options to organize and display your content. It is an awesome new feature!

Combined with CW-autoarc, you can bring your site to life on a whole new level, by changing the appearence of your content over time:

  1. Define some Categories as different field-sets
  2. Define some custom fields and assign them to the categories to build different appearences, where e.g. "News", where you show some images and the author name, and "Archive", where they are hidden.
  3. Define a rule in cw-autoarc to move articles from "News" to "Archive" when they expire.

As soon as the articles are moved to the "Archive" category, the images and the author name will no longer be shown.

Another use for this could be a product release, where you want to reveal details about the product step by step over a period of time. Just define the custom fields for the details to reveal, assign them to respective categories and setup cw-autoarc as timer, to reveal the details, by moving the content from category (view) to category.